Warehouse Cellular DAS

You wouldn’t believe the positive feedback I heard Tuesday morning about the improved cellular reception. Your technicians did a wonderful job with the installation. We have an internal document with all the elements of the system, where it enters the building and placement of the antennas. We will keep you in mind for future requests. Matter-of-fact, I was speaking with one of the supervisors at Verizon and mentioned that our sales rep recommended your company. I told her that we had you come in twice so far and was able to provide a solution that fit our needs. I briefly shared with her the experience that Cellular Solutions has with small-to-large facilities. A true pleasure working with you all around. Thank you so much. - Michael Jewell, Meijer Stores
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Companies throughout the country are relying on wireless to support critical business applications that are designed to increase productivity in sales and service, as well as, overall business performance.
Warehouse settings often are constructed from a building design and materials (concrete, steel, reflective glass, etc) that obstruct wireless signal. Collectively, these obstructions are known as "in-building wireless challenges".
Users must either live with the problem and attempt to work around it, or try ineffective fixes that can oftentimes be cost prohibitive. Cellular Solutions offers cost effective in-building wireless solutions to overcome these challenges.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Bypass Structural interference and provide clear cellular voice and data services
  • Maintain current tenants by providing anytime, anywhere access
  • Secure potential clients by assuring clear RF signal
  • Make your facility wireless friendly and eliminate interference with sensitive equipment without compromising critical operations
  • Enhance security by providing critical communication for emergency response
  • Increase efficiency of public safety personnel and E-911 First Responders with a reliable, interoperable and scalable communications system
  • Benefit from seamless integration with existing wireless systems across the property
  • Cellular Solutions' offers easy installation, scalability and maintenance without disrupting regular network or facility operations

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