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Whether you are seeking a communication solution for your fleet or a mobile solution for personal use, Cellular Solutions has a product or can design a system to correct your current cellular communication disruptions.
Cellular Solutions offers powerful mobile wireless and direct-connection cell phone signal booster for all cellular providers’ frequencies, as well as high-gain antennas with magnet, mirror, glass and permanent mounts.
In a wireless installation, which requires no physical connection between the cell phone and signal booster, the exterior antenna collects weak cellular signal and sends signal to the booster. The booster, power through the cigarette lighter, amplifies those signals and rebroadcasts them to cell phones and data cards within the vehicle through the interior repeater antenna.
When a cell phone or data card transmits, the process is reversed and the amplified signals are transmitted back to the cell tower ensuring clear usable signal in areas up to fifty miles from the nearest cellular tower.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Improved reception and fewer dropped calls
  • Improves voice and data signal quality
  • Improves data communication rates needed for 3G technologies
  • Advanced electronics receive and transmit better than a cell phone or cellular data card.
  • Mobile, marine and building use
  • Greatly reduces disconnects, drop-outs and noise
  • Transmits signal energy to the outside antenna
  • FCC and IC type accepted

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