Underground Cellular DAS

Cellular Repeater Infrastructures for Subway/Underground Tunnels Subway Thumbnail

In today’s technological age, underground office space and storage is often utilized to provide security for critical computer infrastructure and data, particularly servers where sensitive information must kept safe from terrorist attacks and natural disasters.
The increased demand for these underground office environments is met with another hurdle to overcome; the lack of cellular voice and data services. Like underground office spaces, subways are also hidden from the above ground cellular providers' macro-network and usable signal.
Cellular Solutions has redefined what’s possible in wireless communications, making clear and consistent access a reality, regardless of the user environment.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Bypass Structural interference and provide clear cellular voice and data services
  • Secure potential commuters by assuring clear RF signal
  • Make your facility wireless friendly and eliminate interference with sensitive equipment without compromising critical operations.
  • Enhance security by providing critical communication for emergency response
  • Increase efficiency of public safety personnel and E-911 First Responders with a reliable and scalable communications system
  • Benefit from seamless integration with existing wireless systems across the property
  • Cellular Solutions' offers easy installation, scalability and maintenance without disrupting regular network or facility operations

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