Public Safety

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Public Safety

Reliable communications coverage inside of buildings is becoming more vital for public safety purposes. In the event of an emergency, seamless wireless communications are essential to allow the various rescue teams to communicate with each other when they are indoors. Emergency communications are needed during health threatening events such as; fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters, as well as, security threats or other unplanned scares. Having a reliable DAS solution in place can make all of the difference during an emergency. It can help create a more positive outcome during these times of need.

What you need to know about a public safety DAS:

  • Wireless Coverage: The NFPA dictates that 99% coverage is required in areas of “vital importance”, which are designated by your local fire department. In other areas, 90% coverage is required.
  • Equipment Enclosures: The NFPA and IFC specify that all equipment supporting the public safety network must be housed in NEMA-4 compliant enclosures.
  • Minimum Signal Strength: According to both the NFPA and IFC, minimum signal strength of -95dB is required for adequate coverage.
  • Battery Backup: Equipment that supports public safety radio system must be able to function for 24 hours on battery back-up.
  • Antenna Isolation: The NFPA dictates that antenna isolation must be 15dB higher than the gain of the amplifier.
  • Fire Ratings: Cables connecting public safety electronic equipment must meet a two-hour fire rating. This also applies to the room that contains the equipment.

With many jurisdictions now requiring NFP or IFC-compliant public safety and emergency responder coverage as a prerequisite for getting an occupancy permit, picking the right integrator for testing and installing a public safety DAS or BDA system is becoming increasingly important. Understanding the specifics of how coverage is tested and how it can be improved can be complicated; however, Cellular Solutions is here to simplify the process for you.

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