359927-WCS-1033 - Antenna Adapter Cable Huawei/Novatel/Pantech/Sierra Wireless

Antenna Adapter Cable Huawei/Novatel/Pantech/Sierra Wireless


    • Easy Installation
    • FME Male connector
    • Phone Port Location:  End Plug 

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    Product Info

    The Wilson 359927/WCS-1033 Air Card adapter cable intended for use in direct connect applications. This adapter cable allows the direct connection of either an external antenna or the combination of an external antenna and amplifier directly to your cellular phone or aircard, providing significantly improved signal strength. Compatible with select model phones; Huawei EC168 Novatel U727, USB727 Aircard Pantech/UTStarcom UM 175 Sierra Wireless Air Card c885, Compass 597, 597u, 598u, 885.

    Additional Info:

    • Compatible with Wilson Cellular and CellPhone-Mate Antennas and Amplifiers
    • WARNING:  When an antenna adapter is inserted into the port on most phones, a mechanical switch in the phone’s connector disconnects the phone’s antenna and switches to the external antenna.  When the adapter is removed, the switch should reconnect the phone to its own antenna.  If the switch does not reconnect the phone’s antenna, the phone will show reduced signal or no service unless the external antenna adapter is inserted.    It is rare for this phone defect to occur but it can happen with the Sierra Wireless C885 USB Modem.    If you are unwilling to take this risk, there are two alternatives available:   801210 Signal Boost:  This direct connect amplifier connects to your phone with a passive style adapter that does not connect directly to your phone’s antenna connector thereby alleviating the above problem.  This solution does perform better than the standard antenna adapter as it is amplified but is also more expensive.   359914 Universal Adapter Cable:  This passive adapter is essentially the same adapter as used in the Signal Boost but it is not amplified.  It works approximately half as well as the standard antenna adapter.



    50 ohm

    Coaxial Cable

    RG174 – 12 inches


    End Plug

    Connector Type

    FME Male

    Compatible Phones

    Huawei EC168
    Novatel U727, USB727 Aircard
    Pantech/UTStarcom UM 175
    Sierra Wireless Air Card c885, Compass 597, 597u, 598u, 885


    359927/WCS-1033 Adapter Cable

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