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Just a short note to say thanks for providing a solution to my cell connection problems here in the Rocky Mountains. Living in the foothills of the mountains west of Denver, it has been a real challenge for customers and cell providers to put together a cell system that was not full of holes. After years of frustration and empty promises from cell phone carriers, I turned to you guys to help me run a business out of my home. I can tell you that I now have 100 percent cell coverage and my sanity has returned to normal. Many thanks for your expert advice. - Greg Cline, Fire Investigator
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In today’s business environment, wireless access has evolved from a simple convenience to a true necessity. Companies throughout the country are relying on wireless to support critical business applications that are designed to increase productivity in sales and service, as well as, overall business performance.
In High Rise applications, often the roof tops are used as cellular base station sites; signal confusion can often cause poor connections, an inability to connect, or dropped calls. Implementation of a cellular repeater infrastructure can ensure clear voice and data quality throughout your office environment.
With every application, Cellular Solutions works with the client in assuring complete customer satisfaction at inception and throughout the life of the system.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Clear communications for manufacturing employees; increased productivity
  • Increase in production; increased revenue
  • Make your facility wireless friendly and eliminate interference with sensitive equipment without compromising critical operations
  • Enhance security by providing critical communication for emergency response
  • Increase efficiency of public safety personnel and E-911 First Responders with a reliable, interoperable and scalable communications system
  • Benefit from seamless integration with existing wireless systems across the property
  • Cellular Solutions' offers easy installation, scalability and maintenance without disrupting regular network or facility operations

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