Heathcare Cellular DAS

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The health care industry faces wireless coverage obstacles in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare buildings. Doctors, staff, and emergency medical personnel are always needing to stay connected.
Missed calls, dropped calls, and dead zones can be detrimental in a field where seconds can matter. Healthcare building structure is the typical cause of interruption of RF coverage. This is due to building designs and materials (brick, concrete, steel, reflective glass, etc) that obstruct wireless signals.
Collectively, these obstructions are known as "in-building wireless challenges". Another common problem with medical facilities is the risk of cellular signal interfering with wireless medical equipment.
Cellular Solutions is able to overcome these obstacles with no interference and fulfill cellular coverage needs in areas where there previously was weak or unusable cellular signal. Many leading healthcare organizations are embracing wireless technology to address their clinical, business, and regulatory challenges.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Increase productivity by providing seamless communication and information coverage.
  • Ensure highly responsive and efficient patient care by keeping hospital staff accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Eliminate interference with sensitive hospital equipment without compromising critical medical devices, while ensuring seamless wireless accessibility.
  • Ease of installation due to existing infrastructures. Maintenance performed without disrupting regular network or facility operations.

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