Condo Cellular DAS

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Whether you are a building management company and are frustrated with the lack of voice and data signal your facility provides to potential clients or you find yourself living or working within a condominium or other multi-dwelling unit with sparse signal; Cellular Solutions can provide a solution for an individual unit or entire complex.
In today's always connected environment, providing complete cellular and data coverage within multi dwelling units is more important than ever.
Potential tenants or current tenants are expecting clear voice and data signal throughout their office space or residences. Because individuals utilize a variety of wireless service providers, coverage solutions need to support multiple wireless services and operators.
Utilizing components from the world's leading electronics distributors, Cellular Solutions offers cost effective in-building wireless solutions to address your specific needs.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Secure full occupancy in multi-dwelling units; increased revenue
  • Maintain current tenants by providing anytime, anywhere access
  • Reducing monthly revolving bills by counting on reliable cellular voice and data services, thus eliminating landlines
  • Make your facility wireless friendly and eliminate interference with sensitive equipment without compromising critical operations
  • Enhance security by providing critical communication for emergency response
  • Increase efficiency of public safety personnel and E-911 First Responders with a reliable, interoperable and scalable communications system
  • Benefit from seamless integration with existing wireless systems across the property
  • Cellular Solutions’ offers easy installation, scalability and maintenance without disrupting regular network or facility operations

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