Hospital In-Building DAS

More and more cellular signal is a necessary tool inside hospitals and medical facilities rather than merely being a convenience factor. Utilizing cell phones eliminates the need for paging which can be unheard by personnel and timely where critical seconds could be lost. Physicians also need to contact a patient’s family members easily for information or updates. Visitors also need to reliably make calls to family and stay connected while away from their home/office.

What Causes Cellular Signal to Drop Inside Healthcare Facilities
Maintaining a consistent cellular signal inside hospitals and other healthcare facilities can be a struggle based on several different factors. Many of these factors are directly related to the construction materials of the external shell of the facility. Brick, mortar, and concrete are all materials that will block cellular signal from penetrating inside buildings. Reflective windows with metallic insertions are also culprits of blocked cellular signal. And then, of course, there is the very nature of hospitals and medical facilities internally that contribute to ineffective cellular signal: lead-lined walls to block radiation, underground areas that are essentially concrete cellars, internal concrete walls, etc., all cause cellular signals to decrease or to be rendered non-existent.

What Solution is Available to Boost or Enhance Cellular Signal Inside Healthcare Facilities?
In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems, or DAS, are the best possible solution for creating an environment of wireless signal that is Neutral Host (multi-provider) inside hospitals or healthcare facilities. These systems utilize existing cellular signal from the rooftop of buildings and distribute it throughout the facility through the incorporation of head end equipment such as amplifiers that provide gain or power to the system, coaxial cable and/or fiber optic cable for transference of signal to an end result of strategically placed internal antennas that will redistribute the signal throughout the entire facility.

How are these Types of Systems Implemented Inside the Facility and How Much Do They Cost?
There is very little that needs to be done by the IT or Facilities Management Department of the healthcare facility. Simply contacting Cellular Solutions by telephone at 1-877-233-6673. We will gather the necessary information either in person on site or communicate remotely with an Engineer to properly engineer and design a DAS that will provide seamless coverage throughout the healthcare facility for the necessary providers and technologies. Upon completion of the design, a formal proposal will be submitted to the client detailing the cost of every part of the system. A Large Facility Specialist will work directly with the client in order to satisfy budgetary and time requirements and will guide the client through every step along the way. Our team of skilled technicians will arrive on site to implement the system and configure the equipment to meet the needs of the building and the client with an end result of usable, seamless cellular signal that can be utilized throughout the facility.