Airport Cellular DAS

We are very happy with the service we received from your technician and yourself. The system is working great, I don't need to stand next to my window or run outside every time my phone rings. We want to say thanks again for your help in getting this completed. - Catherine Bonner
Cellular Repeater Infrastructures for Public Venue/Airport Applications FAA - Future of Flight - The Walters Art Museum

As successful professionals often find themselves traveling, thus waiting in airports, wireless connectivity is of utmost importance.
Wireless technology is changing the way all businesses, including airports, arenas, shopping centers and other public venues operate. In order to stay competitive, companies are realizing that in-building wireless solutions are critical for continued success.
Cellular Solutions has the expertise to successfully implement highly reliable wireless communications in a variety of complex environments. These solutions can significantly improve customer satisfaction, as well as, employee productivity.

Advantages Obtained By Implementing Cellular Repeater Infrastructure

  • Maintain current patrons and build loyal clientele with anytime, anywhere access
  • Make your facility wireless friendly and eliminate interference with sensitive equipment without compromising critical operations
  • Large coverage area with high traffic volume, stable signal source, clear signal quality
  • Enhance security by providing critical communication for emergency response
  • Increase efficiency of public safety personnel and E-911 First Responders with a reliable, interoperable and scalable communications system
  • Benefit from seamless integration with existing wireless systems across the property
  • Cellular Solutions' offers easy installation, scalability and maintenance without disrupting regular network or facility operations

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