CellularSolutions Affiliates CRP, CIP, and Dealers

Cellular Solutions, an industry leader in providing both passive and fiber based hybrid cellular repeater solutions for facilities of all sizes, offers three unique resale programs to meet our affiliates’ needs.
Our affiliate programs have become a staple in our well rounded and ever expanding business. With a variety of companies having a variety of specialties, linking with Cellular Solutions has given nationwide companies greater diversity. Partnering with Cellular Solutions not only expands the opportunities within your company, it is a highly lucrative engagement. With exclusivity, referral bonuses, and customizable technical and customer service support, there has never been a more advantageous time to work with Cellular Solutions in providing complete customer satisfaction.

Our affiliate programs are a great way for companies to increase revenue by receiving a referral fee or to increase their product offering by adding a cellular DAS system to their portfolio quickly and without a lot of the expenses associated with developing and launching a robust suite of solutions. – A King, CEO

For more information on Cellular Solutions Affiliate Programs, contact a Cellular Solutions representative at 989-687-4023, 1-877-233-6673, or

Company Information
Cellular Solutions has been implementing affordable cellular repeater systems in facilities of all sizes since 2004. Specializing in both single and multi-carrier systems that increase capacity, expand coverage, and improve clarity in facilities of all sizes, Cellular Solutions is a renowned industry leader for wireless in-building systems. Incorporated and located in Michigan, and with a proven nationwide installer data base, Cellular Solutions has provided turnkey solutions to clients in all fifty states. Our highly qualified engineering team enables us to design systems to deliver strong wireless coverage into all conceivable venues. Cellular Solutions has developed, and maintains, a close working relationship with RF engineers from all major service providers assuring system designs meet all carrier engineering requirements. All products implemented are pre-approved by the FCC. Supported access standards include but are not limited to TDMA, CDMA, GSM, iDEN, Ev-DO, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, AWS, WIMax and 802.11 technologies.
Having thousands of large facility systems currently in operation, Cellular Solutions has set the standard in meeting new demands regarding in-building signal enhancement.