Affiliate Program Details

Cellular Solutions, an industry leader in providing both passive and fiber based hybrid cellular repeater solutions for facilities of all sizes, offers three unique resale programs to meet our affiliates’ needs.

CellularSolutions Referral Program - CRP

As an affiliate in Cellular Solutions Referral Program (CRP), a referral fee of 10% of the product portion of the project will be paid to the referrer. Cellular Solutions will provide a turnkey solution for the end user, from the initial site evaluation and engineering phase through the installation, system configuration and start up. The referrer will not need to invest any time or labor to ensure the end user’s needs are taken care of.
By participating in the CRP program the affiliate refers the client directly to Cellular Solutions for complete project deployment. The referrer will receive the benefit of additional revenue without having to do any leg work in supplying a building specific solution to the end user.
The end user can find comfort in the implementation of this new cellular technology, that a leader in the industry with many years of cellular RF experience will be teaming with their personal IT professional to provide a flawless implementation. This newly deployed program will offer a value added resource to all companies currently offering in-building communication solutions.

CellularSolutions Industry Program - CIP

As an affiliate in the Cellular Solutions Industry Program, complementary engineering will be provided upon the receipt of pertinent structural information provided by the referrer, a 10% discount will be offered on the products necessary to deploy cellular repeater infrastructure, and complementary technical support will be provided via telephone if referrer chooses to self install the solution. In order to extend the Cellular Solutions guarantee of full coverage throughout the requested client areas, Cellular Solutions must conduct the installation. In the event referrer would prefer Cellular Solutions to conduct the installation to ensure guaranteed coverage, an additional 10% discount will be offered on the installation rate.
This program allows the affiliate to sustain all customer contact, while having the support of Cellular Solutions in the background ensuring a flawless deployment of the required cellular repeater infrastructure. By participating in the CIP program the affiliate also retains the ability to price materials and services at a margin that meets the profitability margins set forth by the referrers’ business model.
To participate in the CIP program, the affiliate must agree to work exclusively with Cellular Solutions for a period of one year; all products purchased for the use of rebroadcasting cellular signal for their clients will be purchased from Cellular Solutions during the time of the one year contract. At the conclusion of the one year contract the two parties, may choose to engage in an additional year long affiliate agreement or to split ways.

CellularSolutions Dealer Wholesale Program

As an affiliate in the Cellular Solutions Dealer Wholesale Program, tiered wholesale pricing will be offered based on your business’ purchasing volume. This program is intended for businesses who intend to maintain an inventory within their place of business and resell cellular repeater equipment for profit as a retail seller. This program allows the dealer to price materials and services at a margin that meets the profitability margins set forth by the referrers’ business model. Complete support is provided by Cellular Solutions to assist in the success of your business’ cellular repeater sales and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
As a leading distributor of mobile and in-building cellular repeater equipment, Cellular Solutions offers a Dealer Program unlike any other. As a Cellular Solutions dealer you will have access to products from the leading manufacturers in the industry including Wilson Electronics/WeBoost, Surecall, Digital Antenna, Westell, Commscope, Mobile Access and more.

Cellular Solutions offers a competitive wholesale purchase price to resellers. Our minimum order and volume requirements in many cases allow you to purchase items from Cellular Solutions at a lower price then direct through the manufacturer.

  • Custom Design Services
    Cellular Solutions provides solutions for a variety of applications including vehicles, motor-homes and travel trailers, residential, and commercial buildings of all sizes. We extend our custom design services to each dealer enabling you the power and knowledge to help any client that walks through your door.
    For custom design solutions Cellular Solutions offers a working relationship with dealers extending site walk through assessments and installations at a discounted price.
  • Expansive Inventory and Same Day Shipping
    Cellular Solutions stocks nearly every product available through our resale program, therefore immediate shipping is available. Whether you are placing a stocking order or purchasing a custom designed solution for your client, most products will be shipped the same day if received by 4pm EST.
  • Knowledgeable Dealer Division
    Our new Dealer Division has the product and marketing knowledge to help promote products and build sales within your company. Point of Sale materials including banners, handouts, custom business cards, window decals, and product specification sheets are available through our dealer division.

For more information on Cellular Solutions Affiliate Programs, contact a Cellular Solutions representative at 989-687-4023, 1-877-233-6673, or