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CommScope, Inc (Andrew Solutions) offers superior quality industrial grade bi-directional amplifiers for large passive commercial applications, however, commercial applications with significant internal obstructions or a significantly larger coverage area may require the use of an active fiber based Ion Series infrastructure to ensure complete coverage throughout the facility. In order to design a wireless in-building system for your commercial facility many variables need to be taken into consideration. The quality of usable cellular signal available outdoors is a main determining factor as to what size bi-directional amplifier will be necessary to provide usable signal throughout your building. Other factors such as, building materials and structural layout also need to be evaluated in the design process. Please contact a Cellular Solutions’ sales representative for a complete analysis of your facility and professional design.
In today’s business environment, wireless access has evolved from a simple convenience to a true necessity.
Companies throughout the country are relying on wireless to support critical business applications that are designed to increase productivity in sales and service, as well as, overall business performance.
In recent years, many users have turned away from traditional landlines, thus relying solely on wireless cell phones, PDA’s and similar devices. Yet coverage is often spotty and inconsistent within buildings and other venues.
This is due to building designs and materials (concrete, steel, reflective glass, etc.) that obstruct wireless signals. Collectively, these obstructions are known as "in-building wireless challenges". Users must either live with the problem and attempt to work around it, or try ineffective fixes that can oftentimes be cost prohibitive.
Cellular Solutions offers costs effective in-building wireless solutions to overcome these challenges.

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